photo by Sam Niembro

photo by Sam Niembro



when I started writing songs, I probably wrote about three songs a year. each year, the number of songs might fluctuate by a song or two, but I just wasn't seeing much growth. this continued for over seven years, with little snippets of song ideas stacking up in my voice recordings, but few finished songs to show for it. it wasn't until in early 2015, when one of my friends challenged me to write and record a song a week, that I really started to see the results I was looking for.

for the next six months, I faithfully wrote and recorded a song each week, and I watched my improvement in songwriting explode. not only was I cranking out songs left and right and quickly building a portfolio of tunes, but I also was seeing dramatic, obvious improvement, especially as I listened back to my songs from prior weeks.

among the myriad of things I learned from those 24 weeks, the most important lesson for me was this: songwriting isn't hard, but consistency is key. and from that process, this course was born.

in March of 2017, I causally posted on my Instagram, asking if people would be interested in a course like this - and the response was overwhelmingly. so I started working, creating this bootcamp. a year later, I launched the course, with immense success in the first few rounds.

so far, my participates have included people at a great variety of levels - from seasoned songwriters with hundreds of songs under their belts, to people who have never even finished writing a whole song. nevertheless, I've seen amazing growth in my participants as their perspective on songwriting begin to evolve and the realization sets in (or is rekindled) that a lifestyle of songwriting is actually very attainable.

honestly, it's just been so cool. and I am thrilled at the thought of having you join me in the next round - you won’t want to miss it!


this course is a six-week, song-a-week intensive to kickstart or rekindle your songwriting. I chose the word “bootcamp” carefully to describe this course, as it will require an intense amount of work in a short time, and is not for the faint of heart. at the cost of seeming insensitive, I kindly ask that if you are not ready to seriously invest in your songwriting, or if you are hoping to just test the waters, please do not apply. you do not have to skilled in songwriting for this course, but you do need to be committed.

I’ve structured the course in a way that intentionally requires a level of self-starting - what you get out will directly correlate to the effort you apply each week. while there will be weekly one-on-one interaction, most of the work will be outlined and then up to you to complete. truth is, if you want to be a songwriter, at some point, you have to get serious and blaze your own path. if you want to discover your voice, you have to figure out how you write songs, which means you have to do the work.

this course is not an in-depth mechanics course. we will discuss some songwriting mechanics, but it’s not a comprehensive breakdown of every method of songwriting. instead, this course is focused on how to develop your own personal methods of songwriting, discovering your own songwriting voice, and widening your understanding of songwriting. my goal is not to get you to write songs the way I write songs - the goal is to get you to write songs the way you write songs.

during this 6 week course, each week you will:

  • do daily journaling (minimum 15 mins. per day, 5 days per week)

  • read a weekly reading

  • write a song (4 weeks with a prompt, 2 weeks without), due each Sunday

  • have a 30 minute video chat one-on-one with me to review your song + Q/A

I will be accepting a limited number of applicants for the next round of this course. 

the course will run six-weeks and will cost $375.

applications are currently CLOSED. future dates to be announced!

FMI or for questions concerning the course, please contact me through my contact page.