photo by Mark Cluney

photo by Mark Cluney


my name is Paul Arend. I’m a producer, songwriter, and mixing engineer in Orange County, California. thanks so much for stopping by to check out my website - so glad you’re here! let me share a little bit about myself:

I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, as the son of two music majors. as a kid, my house was always full of music, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that I developed a deep connection with music at a young age. through my childhood and teenage years, my connection to music manifested in many forms - choir, musicals, and lots of church music. I began writing music at the age of 13, and I began leading worship at the age of 15.

a week after turning 18 years old, I moved to Redding, California to attend the school of ministry at Bethel Church, hoping to pursue a future in worship music and ministry. however, after not making the school worship team, I decided to shift my attention to audio engineering. I initially saw audio as an opportunity to practically make a living in music, but had no idea how much I would grow to love it. in late 2012, I interned with The Soundhouse, a local recording studio (Jesus Culture), and picked up a job five months later at Bethel Church as an audio engineer.

after being hired at Bethel, I had the honor of working alongside some world-class mixing engineers and production guys. as I improved, my role shifted to primarily mixing FOH for the second year school of ministry program and weekend services. I also started leading worship at the church during that time, and got to participate in a few Bethel Music projects, notably We Will Not Be Shaken and Without Words: Synesthesia. as time went on, I also began traveling with certain Bethel Music artists as a mixing engineer for itinerate events and conferences.

during my years working at Bethel, I dug deep into songwriting and studio production - first for myself and eventually for others. initially, I began with the intent of just recording and producing my own songs. I devoted almost all my free time to producing and writing music. I wrote and recorded electronic music, folk, worship, country and americana, weird indie music, and even some hip-hop. early on, I wasn’t making anything good, but I was extremely determined to get better. after some time, a close producer friend of mine pushed me to write and produce a song each week. as I wrote and recorded weekly songs, I started to discover a songwriting and production style that for the first time really felt "like me”. and in this journey, I began to realize that I could really never pick one or the other - that the place I come alive falls between the artistic and the technical. I love writing and performing, but I also really love producing and engineering. 

this process eventually led to my writing and launching my six week songwriting bootcamp (which you can find more information about here). for me, while I am an artist at heart, and always will be, I have found something highly rewarding about working with someone else and seeing their music dreams come true. producing, songwriting, and recording with other people really make me come alive - even in a way that working on my own music alone can never fulfill.

in early 2019, my wife and I relocated to Southern California, and I took a job with Vineyard Anaheim as a their main FOH engineer, as well as continuing my production work. we’re thoroughly enjoying our sunny Orange County days off.

if you're reading this, I hope that you find some encouragement to begin or continue to pursue the dreams in your own heart. and whether you are a songwriter, engineer, worship leader, producer, or artist, please don’t hesitate to reach out through my contact page - anything from scheduling a project to just saying “hello”. I hope to be a help to you - and that together we can blur the line between artistic and technical, between secular and sacred, and between emotional and practical. I really hope to hear from you!

and in the meantime, may your coffee be strong, may your sleep be peaceful, and may all your wildest dreams come true.

- Paul